We just wanted to remind you that we are here to help…

Create C-Cured Help Ticket

This computer has our state of the art monitoring and maintenance software installed on it. It can provide us with details about what is going on with it that would be cumbersome for you to relay via phone or text. Whenever possible you should use it to ask for help. Just right click the Helpdesk Icon in your icon tray and select Create Service Ticket. Fill in your email address, attach a screenshot if you think you need to, and click send. We will get it fixed as soon as possible.

We also accept help requests at helpdesk@c-cured.com, when you send emails to that address a ticket will be created and you will get a response when any activity is taken with respect to that ticket.

We also respond to text messages, but please make sure to send them to our 410-563-0641 phone number. We don’t check anything else…

We realize that sometime you just need to talk to someone. We are eager to take you call at 410.563.0641.

Finally, if you already have a ticket open with us you can check on its status or provide updates via our portal.

Micah Salb

I am difficult to please when it comes to server service because I am accustomed to doing it myself and more often than not (literally) I know more than the tech does. But in this case, I was incredibly impressed and pleased. C-Cured was excellent. His bill was fair, his knowledge was deep, and his interest in our business and systems was genuine.

How to Get Help

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